3 Reasons to Start Batch Cooking Today!

Ever just have a week where things aren’t going the right way? I know I can’t be the only one. We all have days where our typical plan just doesn’t work out and this my friends is where batch cooking comes into play!

Some mornings I get up and realize there is just too much to do and that cooking dinner isn’t going to work out as planned. I really only like to order dinner 1-2 days a week so instead of adding another day or ordering I can just go into the freezer and pull out some kind of meal that is already prepped!

So what exactly is batch cooking?

Batch cooking is when you cook things in well, large batches!

There are a few ways to go about this. You can make a double batch of a meal and freeze it or you can batch cook individual ingredients like shredded chicken, quinoa, or beans. Either of these options can be extremely helpful to you!

How can batch cooking help?

First, it helps save you time for nights when you just need a few more hours. We are all so busy and we want to do everything for our families, which includes cooking healthy meals but sometimes we just don’t have enough time. I know I’ve wished to have a few more hours in some afternoons! Batch cooking really helped me on those nights.

One of my favorite things to batch cook is shredded chicken. I can cook a few pounds of chicken breast at a time, shred it and then freeze it in smaller freezer bags. This is a life saver for nights when I don’t have time. I can pull a bag out and use it for tacos. I can use shredded chicken to put on top of a salad or to make chicken quesadillas for my kids when we need a quick lunch. There are really so many possibilities!

Batch cooking can also help save you money because you can buy items in larger quantities up front. Sometimes buying that larger package of chicken will save you money, and who isn’t up for saving some money on our grocery bill! This is the same with things like dried beans or quinoa! You can buy a much larger bag, cook it up front, and freeze it!

And finally it can help you eat healthier. I have always said when you have foods ready and available you are more likely to eat them. So on those busy days I know I can easily pull out this shredded chicken and do something quick with it rather than just picking up dinner from somewhere else!

As a busy mom I understand all the stress that comes with trying to work around everyone's schedule. We juggle business meetings, homework, soccer practice, school events, and so much more. Finally getting a good grasp on preparing healthy meals has been a game changer!

I hope this strategy will work so well for you also!

Did you know my online course offers a section on batch cooking? I’d love for you to come check it out!

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