Your Dreams Shouldn't Stop

Greetings from Canada my friends! I am currently sitting outside a Starbucks completely bundled watching the snow and working on my book. Why am I telling you this, well just because I'm on vacation it doesn't mean that my dreams stop. I want them so bad I'm not even willing to put them on hold. So here I sit, editing and writing, obviously wishing there was a spot inside lol! But for now outside will do.

Being on vacation also doesn't mean my health and fitness goals get set aside either. So today that is my goal with this post. How do you survive being on vacation and not losing site of your goals?


That is seriously my go to strategy. I try my best to get ahold of our day. Let's take this morning as an example. The party that I'm with are all snowboarding, hence the trip to Whistler. Their goal was to get out and moving early so they could get on the mountain. Since I'm not snowboarding there was really no reason for me to eat the McDonald's breakfast they got. Would it have been easier? Yep Was it hard to smell those hashbrowns and not eat them? Absolutely! And don't even get me started on the fact that they sell donuts in the McDonalds in Canada. That took discipline lol So instead of eating that I made the decision to find something healthier once I got to the village. At Starbucks I ended up getting hard boiled eggs and fruit and a latte with almond milk so my good decisions were preserved. I also know we are going to be hitting some local restaurant for lunch where I know I can order a salad.

Now I know what comments are coming, but you're on vacation you shouldn't restrict anything. Guys I want to succeed with my health and fitness goals. So going completely off track for 5 days is not going to help me. I have decided while I'm hear that I will enjoy those glasses off wine and I will treat myself to two off track meals and we will find a donut shop somewhere, because you know priorities lol . This decision makes it so much easier for me to make better decisions every other time. My point here is you do not have to go completely off the rails just because you are on vacation but it is also fine to treat yourself! Just find balance!


Just like your diet, you shouldn't give up all of our fitness goals just because you are on vacation. I am by no means telling you to hit the gym everyday, but if you want to go for it! While on vacation my goal is to just move. I want to make sure I am not just sitting all day. Trust me I would love nothing more than to just lay by the beach with a margarita all day. Problem is I'm in Whistler, it's freezing, and laying around drinking all day won't help me accomplish my goals. My goal while I'm here is to move. I set a goal to walk about 12,000-15,000 steps a day. Yesterday I smashed that with just shy of 18,000. Today it is 11 am and I'm already passed 5,000. I also took a 2 mile snow shoe hike through the snow yesterday and tomorrow I want to try and get in a body weight workout. My point here is not to live in the gym during your vacation. You don't even need to step into one if you don't want to but get your body moving!

Why am I even telling you this? I am not saying this to ruin your vacation at the end of the day everything is your decision and you have to make choices that are right for you. I just know that the dreams I am working towards I really want. That is why I'm spending a few hours this trip working on my book and writing these blog posts. It is also the reason I am making wise choices with my nutrition when I can but also splurging at times. It is all balance and I am no longer willing to sacrifice all my goals or sabotage them for a few days of freedom. Keep at it and be strong!

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