Say Yes

Being a working mom is one of the hardest things. I will honestly say I never expected it to be this hard. I am constantly running, most of the time in 3 different directions. I lose things, I misplace them, I forget about things even while keeping 2 up to date planners. It just happens and as I continue on this working mom journey I have learned to embrace the chaos.

When I get home from work there is no time for relaxing because a million things need to get done. Its really like I leave one job to start a shift at another job. One thing on my priority list is my workout. It's not negotiable. If I schedule a workout in for the day I do it. I shift things around and I make the time because I need to be a priority. This was not something I acquired easily. In the beginning I felt guilty spending more time away from my boys but I have learned that I should not feel guilty working on myself. Usually I get home from work and look through backpacks first and then empty lunch boxes. After that is when I go get changed and do my workout. At this point my kids haven't seen me all day and all I really want to do is cuddle on the couch and watch a movie but my workout is my priority. I have to get it done and I have learned for me it's best to get it done right away. It gives me less chances to try and come up with some crazy excuse!

In the past my at home workouts were me working out between 2 boys screaming for attention. They needed a drink or a snack or someone took Iron Man when the other had him first! It went on and on and even when I wanted to throw in the towel I just kept going. I committed to this workout and I was going to finish it. As time went on they adapted. They knew this was a nonnegotiable time and I was doing this workout. We still have the occasional problem but it has definitely decreased. Lately we are going through another shift. Now they want to join in. My first instinct was to say absolutely not but after that quick initial no I thought more about it. Why couldn't they join in? I really couldn't come up with a good answer. I am slowly letting them participate in my workouts depending on what they are. I am not comfortable with them being in my little space when I'm lifting just because of safety. I tend to workout in a small play area we have in our house and my boys aren't always the best at paying attention to what is around them. Usually my workouts are me doing some kind of lifting and body weight work. I decided that whenever there is a body weight exercise they hop in. They usually stand away while I'm lifting either the barbell or the dumbbells if we are working out inside. They absolutely love joining in for burpees or squats and my 5 year old is getting super excited because sit ups are getting easier for him!

I now love saying yes. The best part of me allowing them to join in is to see their love of fitness emerging. Both of my boys do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, just like their dada! And often times they need to do push ups in class. This is a super hard task for 5 and younger but my 5 year old works on his push ups every time he does a workout with me and man can I see him improving. What I love the most is to see the pride he gets when someone compliments him on his form. He is genuinely proud of himself. We always tell them hard work pays off!

Another positive moment of saying yes is that they are now creating and completing workouts on their own. The first day my 5 year old picked up that marker after I had just finished my workout was the most amazing moment. He declared he was going to write his own workout. He sat in front of the chart paper deciding on exercises and reps to complete and then how many rounds in all. He did his best to spell all of the words all on his own. He stood in front of that board giving it everything he had and I could not have been more proud. When he was done writing it he asked me if I could do it with him. It didn't matter at that moment that I was exhausted from my own workout or that I was supposed to be starting dinner, I said yes. I sat there with him and did all 10 rounds of his workout with him. No other task at that moment mattered. I didn't care that dinner had to be cooked or lunches had to be prepped, what mattered was that my son had followed my example and wrote and completed this workout and it was the best moment!

Be Strong!

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