Salsa Yogurt Dressing

Salad is a major meal in our house. I personally eat a salad everyday for lunch and my 5 year old is picking up the habit. He has requested salad for lunch everyday and am I really going to say no to that! One thing we go through so quickly is salad dressing. Everyone has different tastes so we have tons of them and we go through them quickly. Recently I started a challenge for my workout program, Street Parking. We were allowed to use whichever nutrition plan we wanted but we had to abide by the approved food list they gave us. My initial thought was yea not happening. I would be cutting out many things I ate on a daily basis and had already deemed ok in my nutrition plan. After some wallowing lol I decided I was going to try it. One of my biggest struggles... salad dressing. None of my dressing was on the approved list. Guys I eat salad everyday, sometimes twice a day and I LOVE salad dressing. (My favorite is Bolthouse Farms!) So how was I going to do this?

I started getting creative with the ingredients on the approved list and ended up with this delicious dressing so I thought I would share with all of you!

Salsa Yogurt Dressing


3/4 C Non fat PLAIN greek yogurt (I like chobani but any brand will work!)

2 tablespoons Salsa

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

4 Servings

Estimated Nutrition for 1 serving

27 Calories 0g Fat 2.6g Carbs 4.1g Protein

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