Must Have Travel Snacks

There is just something fun and exciting about road trips. If I'm being honest here one of my favorite parts is going to the store and stocking up on yummy snacks for the ride. It's almost like my past self thought that road trips snacks don't have calories. This was a time where you could just eat whatever you wanted because hey it's a road trip. Well I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, and mine, but what you eat, no matter where you are matters. I said it, I apologize, but I said it.

I am planning a road trip in the next few days and I know my husband and kids are going to get yummy snacks and I am trying my best to stick to my nutrition plan. I know I'm on vacation but my goals are important to me so I will be picking and choosing when to go outside of my plan and as much as I love Doritos I would rather have some tacos and margartias so I'm going to save it for then! But to be successful I have to set myself up for success. If I don't plan ahead with snacks I'm going to enjoy I will be even more tempted to dig in once that bag opens.

I want to share with you some snacks that are healthy but work well for me on a road trip. You might read these and think I'm insane and that's ok lol These are snacks that work for me. Your snack list might be completely different and if it is please share because I'm always looking for great suggestions!

Fruit - I look for easy to eat fruit that is usually already cut up. One of my go to things for road trips is prepackaged apple slices. I know I could easily just eat an apple but my kids love apples also and it is definitely easier have slices ready when they are! I seriously could live off fruit with berries being my absolute favorite so you know strawberries will be in the car with me. I also tend to bring bananas because I feel they fill me a little more and the sweetness definitely hits the spot!

Raw Veggies - As a family we go through so many bags of carrots in a week it could set a record! Both of my boys are obsessed and my son in kindergarten requests carrots and dip everyday in his lunch. I know carrots are a great road trip snack for my family because I know everyone will eat them. They also give me that crunch I'm looking for. I like to compliment my raw veggies with hummus or dip and since they sell individual sized containers of both it is a definite win. Before I go on this road trip I am going to be cutting up whatever veggies we have left in the fridge and put them into ziplock bags. Prep work is definitely the key to success here. Whenever I make something readily available I am much more likely to grab it!

Beef Jerky - I really need to invest in a dehydrator because beef jerky, or "beef turkey" as my 3 year old says, is another big hit in my family and a perfect road trip snack! I have to say it is in my nutrition plan often and the looks I get from people when I pull it out is seriously entertaining. But hey, it's my diet and this fits perfectly! We tend to buy the individual packs because they work great for lunches but for a road trip I would definitely spring for bigger bags to get more for your money. I tend to stay away from all the flavors because thats usually an indication that the carb count is higher!

RxBars - These are rather new for me. I have started to include more carbs into my nutrition plan so it isn't insane for me to eat them anymore. I usually bring them along with me when I'm traveling. They are quick and easy to eat and are absolutely delicious. I love that they are made from all read ingredients and I don't feel guilty eating them. They even have kids versions that my 2 boys LOVE! I don't tend to go towards protein bars but these are a definite exception!

Cheese - I honestly could live on it. It is super easy to travel with, especially if you buy the prepackaged cheese sticks. You get some protein and fat and you feel like you're actually having a snack. I tend to pair cheese with turkey pepperoni and it really makes for a filling snack when you are running around. My boys tend to be obsessed with cheese and crackers and pepperoni so again this fits perfectly.

If you are going on vacation I want to leave you with this. Vacations are supposed to be enjoyed. As I am sitting here typing these words I want you to understand that while I do pack good snacks and monitor my diet while I'm on vacation I don't obsess about it. There are times I order meals outside my plan or go out for ice cream or have a drink. I'm on vacation and I'm there to enjoy myself. Your diet should be a lifestyle. I personally do not believe in a strict plan so I always encourage balance, especially when on vacation. Enjoy your time, make good choices when you can, and have fun!

Be Strong!

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