Just Keep Showing Up

The story behind the mindset. I started with this mantra about a year ago. We were just starting with COVID and life was insane. I found myself giving up on my goals. I would constantly look at the finish line and realize it was just too far away. Mix that with the stress of a global pandemic and it was just too much. I was overwhelmed every day and the thought of keeping my fitness journey going was a struggle. Sitting on the couch was so much better than getting up and moving, but was it?

After another few days of giving up I decided this was it. All I had to do was show up. I didn't have to do my best. I didn't have to PR at every workout. I didn't even have to lift the heaviest I could. I just had to show up. I completely switched my mindset from crush every workout to show up for every workout. Every morning I would get up and tell myself all you have to do is show up today. There was no pressure to do well or my best I just had to do something. Some days my best was light yoga, some days it was an intense workout. No matter what it was I showed up and continued to tell myself all you have to do is show up. It stopped being so overwhelming because I stopped putting so much pressure on myself.

Those few days turned into weeks and then months and from that single mantra a habit was formed. Now I just show up and move and I push myself when I'm on and I just show up and move and give myself grace when I'm not.

When you are starting out on any journey it is hard to be consistent. You have to build a habit. I like to tell people who are starting out and are struggling to fit in workouts to just show up for 2 minutes. It sounds silly because really what is 2 minutes but just do it, show up every day for 2 minutes. It can be 2 minutes of walking or stretching or whatever you want but it has to be 2 full minutes. When that 2 minutes has become part of your every day routine up it to 5 minutes. Show up every day for 5 minutes. Then go to 10 and so on until your habit is that you workout every day. Remember this does not have to be intense workouts every day. I am not recommending that. You just have to move your body every day, so it can be stretching or yoga or lifting or running. It's your choice!

Build those habits and JUST KEEP SHOWING UP!

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