How Finding An Activity I Loved Made Me More Consistent

Updated: May 4

If you start to scroll the internet for the perfect workout you are going to find pages and pages of articles explaining how this specific workout is way better than all the others. So after having good intentions you are stuck, completely overwhelmed with a ton of choices and you still don’t know what to do. Does this sound at all familiar? I know it did for me because I was one of those people trying to find the best thing out there. What none of these articles tell you though is that the “perfect” workout is actually the one you enjoy doing. I wanted to share this with you because it took me so long to find something that I actually enjoyed but once I did, it made showing up and being consistent so much easier! It doesn’t matter what your preferred method of exercise is as long as you enjoy it.

I Used to Hate Running

If you had to choose a method of exercise right now, that you absolutely hate, what would it be? A year ago I wouldn’t even have had to wait for you to finish the question, I would have said running. I totally hated running. A flashback to my crossfit gym days, I would see running programmed in a workout and I would consider not going that day because the thought of any type of running made me cringe.

My friends would tell me all the benefits of running and how much they loved it. I watched people run races and they always looked like they enjoyed it so much, but honestly I never got it. At that point in my life it didn’t matter how much other people liked it or the benefits, I hated it and that one detail made it not a perfect workout for me. I would spend runs trying to guess how much longer it would take me to finish or I would try to focus on my surroundings instead of what I was doing and no amount of music helped me get in the groove!

Just a quick side note I did eventually find that if I listened to audiobooks or podcasts I could get lost in the conversation or story and running wasn’t so bad. Actually this past year I started running a whole lot more, and voluntarily! Funny thing is I really started to enjoy it because I looked forward to listening to the rest of the book. Once I found this I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t listen to that particular book unless I went for a run and friends, it was a game changer for me! So don’t be afraid to try things again because you never know!

Trying New Things

Have you found your idea of the perfect workout yet? If you have then I am so happy for you and you can totally relate to what I’m saying. If you haven’t, well keep looking! Just because your friends go to the local gym doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing as them. Be willing to try new things and even go outside of your comfort zone. Maybe a group class will work best for you or maybe finding a program you can do at home will be the best fit!

When I first made the choice to leave the crossfit gym I was going to and workout from home, my friends thought I was making a mistake. I heard, you won’t be motivated, you need to be in the gym to get the results you wanted… I could go on. The part they were missing though was for me going to the gym gave me anxiety because after being at work all day I didn’t want to spend another 1+ hours away from my family. Yes I believe in making my health a priority but that was too much of a trade off for me. I would end up coming home, rushing through dinner, being overwhelmed, and yelling at everyone because I didn’t feel in control.

Yes, working out from home has its challenges also and I have to push myself harder but the tradeoff is I’m with my family more and for me that is worth it. If I didn’t take the jump to try working out from home I would still be super stressed most nights or I would have just quit altogether because honestly, it was too much.

Increased Consistency

How consistent are you working out? Before I joined crossfit I was trying a bunch of things honestly. I tried Beachbody workouts, yoga classes, and the traditional gym. All were good for a while but I lost interest quick which meant my consistency was basically nonexistent. I never really understood people who claimed to love working out. I thought they were crazy because I couldn’t relate at all, until I found crossfit. It was only then did I truly understand the passion and drive these people had. The only difference between me and them was at that point they already found what they loved and I was still on my journey of discovery!

Once I found a crossfit gym and really got into the workouts I realized showing up wasn’t as hard. I didn’t need a ton of motivation to go because I actually enjoyed going! This same mentality is what helps me now, do my workouts from home. Working out at home is a whole different piece and I truly believe if you want it to work, you will have to find something you love because excuses are literally everywhere at home!

Well there ya go, these are the keys I needed to be successful in my journey. If you are struggling to be consistent with whatever you are doing, maybe branch out and be willing to try something new. Search for something you truly enjoy doing and don’t worry about what everyone else around you is doing. The most important thing here is that you are happy and having fun because once you find that, consistency won’t be far behind!


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