Go ALL In!

So if you have been following me for a while I'm sure by now you can tell that I am a huge Rachel Hollis fan. I typically listen to her books or podcasts on my car rides to and from work. When I first started Girl, Wash Your Face I had always had this dream to write a children's book. I am an elementary reading specialist who has really always enjoyed books. The thought of creating my own was always a dream. Looking back in my life that dream was always just that, a dream. Some how I expected it to come true but I'm not really sure how as I never put enough effort into actually making it happen. Sure I've written stories before but never to the point where I would try and make them go anywhere so I'm not entirely sure how I thought this would happen.

As I started listening to the book more she kept saying a phrase, "Go all in". I never really let that sit with me long enough until now. If I wanted this dream to come true will then I was going to have to work on it and by work on it I mean I would have to really put in effort. Just doing it casually wouldn't get me anywhere. I was going to have to give it everything I got. This is something I started doing a few months ago.

I want to spend some time talking about how you "go all in" being a working mom to two young kids. I know the phrase, well I just don't have time is going to pop up often in your mind while reading this and I'm sure I will even get comments about it. I would love to do....... I just don't have the time you have. Girl I'm going to stop you right there because I do not have any more time than you. The difference is I decided to make this dream a reality so I plan time. I literally sit down with a calendar and my husband and schedule in 3 hours a week to write and work on my nutrition certification. Any other time I have is a bonus. These are three nonnegotiable hours. Yes they may have to change if something comes up but it would have to be an emergency and I will still get in my 3 hours.

So when do I fit it in? Well one night a week I schedule an hour for when my husband gets home from work. That's the night I plan something super simple to make for dinner so that prep and clean up are not taking up too much time. Another hour is scheduled for the hour after my kids go to bed. I will sit in my kitchen, drink a glass of wine, and work in silence! The third hour happens on a weekend. This actual time will vary because weekends are crazy. So between gym schedules, birthday parties, and movie dates with my kids, I will find an hour that works for that particular weekend.

Going all in doesn't have to mean that you give up every second of your life to go after your dream. To me it means you do everything you can possibly do that is realistic. I don't have 10 hours a week to give but I do have 3. So 3 hours a week is my go all in and just as my workouts are not negotiable, neither are these three hours. On top of the three hours I do still squeeze in writing posts on social media and these blog posts. These tasks might get done as my husband drives us all to jiu jitsu practice or swim lessons. They might happen while I'm waiting at the doctors office. I find time to make it all work. It is not always easy but this is something I want bad enough to put in all the work.

Be Strong

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