Finding Motivation

Motivation is not always easy to find. It was recently brought to my attention that there is a thing as too much motivation. Sounds crazy right, I thought the same thing when I read it. But then I thought about it. I go out super hard and then go through cycles. I'm super consistent and completely obsessive about my diet and exercise but realistically I can't maintain that life. It ends up just being too much and I fall, usually hard. Its not so much a give up but I just can't maintain that enthusiasm and then I feel like I'm failing.

This time around I am doing things different. I need to find a path I can maintain. I can't go completely overboard because realistically I can't maintain it. Being a teacher my summers are usually easier to deal with. My schedule is super open and I can fit it my exercise every morning but when I go back to work I know it will be harder. So my goal this time around is to complete 5 workouts a week. If I can fit in 6 that would be ideal but I'm setting my goal for 5. Of those 5 I am going to get to the gym 2 days a week to start and the other 3 days I'll be doing my Street Parking workouts at home. I am also considering starting my burpee challenge. It is really hard and I struggle mentally with it so I'm not sure its a good idea.

I also need to be realistic with my diet. I recently changed my macros with a new program and am happy with my numbers. I am taking my diet one day at a time and am going to be as consistent as I can. What I love about counting macros is that I get to eat whatever I want, in moderation. That helps me tremendously to stay on track and consistent. I tend to be more on point with my diet once I go back to work. I have a set schedule and its easy to follow!

Here is to more realistic goals!

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