Excuses Don't Burn Calories

But don't you wish they did! I know I sure do lol. Being as involved as I am in health and fitness I often talk about it a lot, annoying I know. Sorry! It has become such a passion of mine that it usually comes up in some kind of conversation. People tend to ask what kind of workouts I do or about my nutrition and it typically ends with someone saying, "Oh I could never do that." I'm so used to the response by now but it still bothers me every time I hear it. So now I ask why! Why exactly can't you find time to eat healthier or throw in a workout? The excuses are endless my friends. The thing about excuses is, whenever you want one, you can always find one! But STOP!

Common excuses:

1. My absolute favorite - "I don't have time" My friend there are few people around that actually have time to cut up lettuce and stick it into mason jars for the week. I can promise you I would much rather be sitting on the couch binge watching something. Time is such a relative thing. You have time to scroll Instagram and watch an adorable cat video but you do not have time to make a healthy meal? So if you are reading this and are getting a little uncomfortable I want you to ask yourself this question, and give yourself the truth. Is it that you don't have time or would you rather be doing something else? Most likely your answer is that you would rather be doing something else. And if that is the case than own it but stop telling people you don't have time to eat healthy or exercise. When you make something a priority you do it! Will it be easy, nope! Not even close. Will it be worth it, yep! Be honest with yourself and if you have to make small changes than that is where you start. Replace one meal a day with something healthy until that becomes a habit and then replace another!

2. "I don't have anyone to watch my kids" - I totally get this one. I really do. I have two kids, 5 and 3 and child care often is a reason I have for not going to the gym. So why do I call mine a reason and yours an excuse? I don't let that stop me. If I don't have anyone to watch my kids I workout at home. Yep you heard me. I push all the toys in our playroom to the side and do my workout, including my barbell. At that time the playroom is off limits and my boys know it. Do they still try and sneak in to grab that one car they must have at that moment, absolutely! Do I have to listen to boys arguing over which super hero they can play with, most definitely. But the difference is I don't let that stop me. It may slow me down at times but I just keep pushing. I am not training to be a professional athlete and if something comes up and I need to stop and correct behavior I do and I have accepted that.

3. "I don't have space" - Umm did you read excuse 2? I was not kidding when I said I push toys aside and make my workout happen. I have done burpee challenges on my kitchen floor while I cooked dinner. Nothing is going to stop me. Do a workout in your bedroom or kids room or living room. Heck do it in the laundry room if thats the only space you have available. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. My favorite time of year is spring and summer. One of the million reasons I love those seasons is I can bring my workouts outside. Yep, I workout in my driveway while my kids usually play with chalk. I get strange looks by all the people driving by. Not so much from my neighbors anymore, they have accepted my crazy at this point! I refuse to let anything stand in my way therefore I make it work. You can too!

4. "I'm tired" - Girl I'm tired too. I have 2 kids who are 5 and 3, both boys who DO NOT STOP! I work full time as a kindergarten reading specialist so I am nonstop all day with 5 year olds. I wake up at 5:45 which is terrible for me because I am the worst morning person alive. I am at work by 7 and I leave at 2:45 and head home to start my next job as a mom. Making lunches, and dinner, and reading, and homework, and packing kids up for jiu jitsu. Girl I can go on and on with all the tasks that need to get done. There is nothing more enticing than sitting on the couch but I'm not accomplishing anything when I do. So I don't sit down and I put on workout clothes the second I get home, double benefit is they are comfy lol. I look through homework folders, sign forms, and then do my workout. I know you're tired, I know you would rather watch TV and relax, I know you had a stressful day but you deserve to be healthy! You are worth pushing a little extra to better yourself.

This post can seriously be endless. I have heard so many excuses. At the end of the day you either want or you don't. I know that sounds harsh but sometimes reality is just that. If this is something you truly want than stop making excuses and start making changes! You are completely capable if you just let yourself try!

Be Strong!

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