Crunchy Banana Bites

We have just finished week 4 of our stay at home order. This has been a time of adjustment for sure. I have been working from home as well as homeschooling my 2 boys all while trying to battle the fear of everything around us. We live in NY and it is a scary place to be right now. To try and maintain some type of routine we have been sticking to an exercise schedule and I've been trying to get the boys as active and involved as I can. I am also taking this time to reinforce good eating habits with my kids. Trust me when I say we have our fair share of Doritos but it is also important to reinforce good choices.

The other day we decided to create our own snack. My boys kept looking for food and I wanted something different to grab their attention. We decided to cut up a banana, coat it with cashew butter, and then roll it in granola.

You would have thought I gave them a bowl of ice cream the way they ate it up and then asked for more. This is a great recipe for anytime but works great to get the kids involved when you are home.


Cashew butter (really any type of nut butter will work)



It is really that simple. First I cut the banana into pieces. Then I coated the outside with cashew butter. I did the best I could as it doesn't always stick well. Then I rolled them in granola.


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